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Yoga, like Jiu Jitsu is more than just an activity. It's a lifestyle. Here is our range of lifestyle apparel, content & accessories. 

The signature 30Dirty collection (instant download)


Special Offer: 30 Dirty Vol. 1&2

Both volumes with over 60 techniques. Learn the gi secrets that made Sebastian Brosche a multiple time World Champion and the leglock secrets that made Miha one of the more dangerous brown belts in Europe. Oh and you save 15$ too! 

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30 Dirty Vol. 2 : Miha's revenge

Miha took the brunt of Sebastian's 30 Dirty techniques and planned his revenge for months. He compiled a list of 15 of his most powerful gi and no gi techniques to inflict some pain on Sebastian and showcase his style of jiu jitsu.

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30 Dirty Vol. 1

The Original. Sebastian Brosche's pain manifesto. There may be people out there with a stranger style of jiu jitsu, but Sebastian's strange style is competition proven time and time again. Arm yourself with these sneaky techniques and inflict terror upon your training partners. 

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