30 Dirty Volume 2: Miha's Revenge

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For 30Dirty Volume 1 Sebastian dragged Miha out of bed at 5am after a week of hard training and showed the 30 most brutal techniques ever recorded over a few hours.

Now the time for revenge has finally come as Miha has a similarly extensive brutal technique repertoire. This is also the debut of no-gi to the Yoga for BJJ instructional library. Miha got some of his biggest wins on the sub only stage, so you can expects heel hooks, footlocks and kneebars to make an appearance. 

We don't hide the fact that the 30Dirty is not the most serious of instructionals, but we do effectively use these techniques in our daily and competition lives. Miha has 2 victories at Polaris, 6 medals at the Nogi Europeans, multiple double gold wins in the IBJJF and an amateur MMA score of 12-1 to his name. We fully expect you to able to integrate at least a few of these into your BJJ game, thus making it 30dirtier. 

List of techniques: 

  • Punchsoto gari
  • Policaman wristlock 
  • Double underhook domination
  • Straight armlock of doom
  • Footlock touch of death
  • Heel hook fatality
  • Kani bisami
  • Rolling loop choke
  • Heel hook super trap
  • Americana from bottom side
  • Shin on IT-band passing
  • Reverse omoplata
  • Flying armbar
  • Front Naked Choke
  • Lapel Trap
  • Nogi Baseball

Want to see a sample technique?

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