Yoga for BJJ eBook

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This is the essential Yoga for BJJ eBook! It will give you the tools for optimal recovery from training. It will also teach you how to prepare for all the years of Jiu Jitsu to come. Every word and advice is based on my personal experience and knowledge gained over many years of Jiu Jitsu and yoga.

The eBook's goal is to provide you with all the fundamentals needed for you to create your pre and post training routines. It includes body specific poses and exercises that will increase your body's range of motion wherever needed. By adapting these poses, you'll learn how to prevent injuries and perform techniques that were previously inaccessible due to limited range of motion. 

There are 5 chapters, 51 pages - all intended to transform you into an injury free black belt. Use this eBook whenever and wherever, use it to understand how to maximize your BJJ performance and lengthen your time on the mats.


Available in PDF format, ePUB coming soon. Instant digital download. No refunds.