Special Offer: Knee Pain + Elbow Pain Combo Package

Special Offer: Knee Pain + Elbow Pain Combo Package

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We have teamed up with Rosi Sexton, a BJJ Brown Belt, former UFC fighter and registered Osteopath to create a program that will help to deal with common instances of knee and elbow pain. 

If you are like many other grapplers and suffer from pain in BOTH your Knee(s) and Elbow(s) then you can buy both of our rehab programs together to save some money and get yourself on the road to recovery!

Things you will need to complete these programs :

Knee Pain Program

  • Videos 1-4: Foam Roller and Theraband
  • Video 5: Massage Stick, Kettlebell/Dumbbell, Lacrosse/Hockey Ball

Elbow Pain Program

  • Theraband (Rosi starts with a green one)
  • Tennis Ball
  • Lacrosse/Hockey Ball
  • Elastic Band
  • Massage Stick (Improvise with: Any sort of weighted rod/pole 30-60cm in length)
  • Light Dumbell 1.5-3kg (Improvise with 2L bottle of water/ similar weighted items)