Yoga for BJJ T-Shirt

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Yoga for BJJ T-shirts! 

Legend has it, that once upon a time, 2 years ago, the first 100 t-shirts proudly sporting Yoga for BJJ's logo were dispatched from Miha's living room when he was training in Ireland. They are now like a unicorn, a myth of a distant path. 

Version 2.0 is a definite improvement, because Miha or Sebastian didn't have anything to do with them! The task was left with the pros over at Progress Jiu Jitsu to produce a high quality t-shirt, unlike anything that was previously available.

They will also send it out with tracked, professional shipping so it reaches you swiftly. 

This is a very small batch, so make sure to grab one before we are all out and it takes another 2 years until version 3.0. 

As always, thanks for spreading the message and representing what we do! 

*rumor has it, that for every t-shirt dispatched, Sebastian whispers "Oss, namaste" to one of his 11 dogs.

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