Yoga for BJJ "Travel Pack" + E-book

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This is an exclusive product, only available to Yoga for BJJ Premium members (for free). This pack is designed to give you enough diverse videos to download and use on-the-go. If you signed up for the Yearly membership on Yoga for BJJ, you will get your unique 100% discount code sent to you once your trial is done! Enjoy! 

Videos in this pack: 

  • Day Off Easy Flow 
  • Back Body Week  #5
  • Back Pain Week  #4
  • Foundation week  #3
  • Intermediate week #1
  • Official Cooldown sequence
  • Official Warmup sequence
  • Reduced breathing 
  • Spinal Warmup Flow
  • Yoga for Rocks Shoulders #1
  • Yoga for Rocks Hips #2
  • Morning Flow #2 
  • Startup Week Day #3