Yoga for Rocks : Volumes 1-4.

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This is a package of four Yoga for Rocks programs. 

1. Inverted Guard, 2. Hips, 3. Legs and 4. Shoulders.

This is designed for a stiff BJJ person. Sitting for 8+ hours a day? Never been flexible? You can't do some jiu jitsu moves because you're not flexible enough? We designed this program for anyone who answered yes to any of those.  This package is also perfect for anyone who's tried yoga, but found it to be awfully difficult. All of the poses in here are meant to be easy and often relaxing, because being relaxed is a huge part of increasing flexibility. 

Bonus content: Three separate flows for the spine, inner thighs and hips.


For optimal results do a video daily (none of them are too long), you can start with the program you feel you need the most. After going through all programs twice, you can order them in terms of preference. You can totally do the videos more than once! 

NOTE: If you are a member of Yoga for BJJ these are available in the program section.


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